Saturday, November 20, 2010

another the great gatsby movie

so it turns out there is another adaptation of the great gatsby being made. the director will be Baz Luhrmann who did moulin rouge. leonardo dicaprio will be jay gatsby, tobey maguire will be nick carraway and amanda seyfried will be daisy buchanan.

the only thing i don't like about the line up is tobey maguire. i used to not like leonardo dicaprio, but he has grown on me and now i am a fan. and amanda seyfried i have no problems with. and i like the director. moulin rouge and romeo and juliet were great movies. visually beautiful. so hopefully the roaring 20s will be just as beautiful in the great gatsby movie. so other than that, i will keep my judgement about the movie to myself. i'm sick of the book (i had to read it way too many times in school) but always like a good movie. so hopefully the movie will be good.

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Anonymous said...

If tobey maguire is in it it is going to be great.Since he is the best actor of my generation. He makes Al Pacino look one dimensional. And he is handsome on top of all that talent.