Wednesday, December 30, 2009


so this isn't a post about my writing. but a picture i took at the chicago comic-con was posted on another blog. greek orthodox is a blog i've been following and the guy posts funny pictures of people in their costumes. alot of the time he will post storm tropper costumes that have been ultered. like a disco storm trooper. so this is the picture i sent him. i thought it was cool that he posted it on his blog. the blog is really cool. it has everything nerdy, escpically star wars stuff. so go there and check it out!

Monday, December 28, 2009

new books

so recently jeremy's school's (the university of wisconsin - parkside) art club had an art raffle and i won some awesome stuff. i got a cool coat and i also got hand bound books. i think they look amazing! i don't know what i'll use them for yet but i'm excited just to have them. here they are:

Monday, December 21, 2009


here's some quotes that i've come across over the years and have inspired me in different ways. what i do is i have a spiral notebook and just number the pages and write down any quotes i like in the notebook. i make sure i put where the quote is from whenever possible; whether it is a person, from a book, or from a movie. i have one 300 page notebook filled front and back and i'm working on filling up another one. some quotes i have used in my scrapbooks and some have inspired me in my poetry. so i thought i would share some that i like. as time goes by i'm sure that i will be sharing more.

-"just cause i love you, and you love me it doesn't mean that we're meant to be." - jazmine sullivan
-"somewhere between good and evil, there's love." - ?
-"for only when free men write and speak truth will the exercise of arbitrary power be exposed and opposed." - ?
-"insanity is relative. it depends on who has who locked in what cage." - ray bradbury
-"anything can be a weapon if your holding it right." - ludo
-"after silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music - aldous huxley
-"people should fall in love with their eyes closed. just close your eyes. don't look." - andy warhol
-"unlike t.v, we cannot have too much science, despite its nuclear quirks. with science, ideas can germinate within a bed of theory, form and practice that assists their growth... but we, as gardeners, must beware... for some seeds are the seeds of ruin... and the most iridescent blooms are often the most dangerous." - v for vendetta
-"but tonight my voice fails me. silence is the best tune of farewell." - xu zhimo
-"but what is the difference between literature and journalism? ... journalism is unreadable and literature is not read. that is all." - oscar wilde
-"with the first link, the chain is forged. the first speech censored, the first thought frobidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably." - judge aaron satie

Friday, December 11, 2009

chicago poetry readings

so fun fun fun! monkeybicycle is holding some poetry readings in chicago and all should go! if nothing else support your local artists and hear their work. the first poetry reading is with rui on january 6th at 7pm at sheffields beer garden. and the second poetry reading they are doing is with orange alert on febuary 20th at 6pm at the whistler. and it seems that orange alert does poetry readings every month at the whistler so people should go! i haven't gone to a poetry reading since middle school. the writers club at my middle school used to go to a poetry reading once a month at the local library. so to say the least, it's been a long time. so go people! go to your local poetry readings and support your local arts!

edit: rui website says that it isn't doing a reading in january so i don't know for sure if the january one is happening. but the febuary one is for sure.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

bright and early: whore of the 18th century

good morning everyone! i woke up today at 3am but oddly enough, i still got 7 hours of sleep last night. i went to bed early for i had a killer headache. but now the pain is gone and i woke up with ideas! i have been playing around with an idea i had gotten from jeremy that i posted about in this post. when i woke up this morning i just knew what i would write and finished the poem. i have it written out, but i don't think it's ready for final layout. but i will post what i have for now. and then if i decide that it needs some fixing, i will post the fixed/finished product. so here it is so far. i named it: whore of the 18th century.

I put a feather in my hair,
letting the world know who I am.
Let them stand and judge
I do the same to them about their profession.
While they scoff and laugh at me,
I will smile and wave my fan.
For they come home every night hating their job
and hating their life
I come home every morning
and enjoy my job and enjoy my life.
Life is too short to not have a little fun.
I didn’t choose my profession,
but I’m not complaining about my lot in life.
I cannot change what has become,
so I will use it to my advantage.
I will pleasure those around me
and have a splendid time.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

snow day

today it is snowing and i'm taking a personal day. i had already taken the day off from the comic shop so i could go to wisconsin, but the weather was bad last night so i didn't make the trip. so now i have the day off and it's snowing. there's nothing more fun then running around in the snow. or just watching the snow fall. so since i'm having a snow day i decided to do some of my favorite things. i'm going to drink lots of hott chocolate, watch movies, read my books and write until i can't write anymore. i'm sure many of the poems will be winter/christmas themed, but i'm ok with that. tis the season for things like that.

right now i'm reading the last book in the tamuli serious by david eddings: the hidden city. its a great fantasy story. with some love in it but it's the action that drives the writing. and the humor is great also. david eddings does a great job of writing believable people. i feel like i could meet these people in my every day life. i'm sad that david eddings won't be writing anymore, for he is dead. he died earlier this year. but he will live on in his wonderful books he wrote!

i'm also watching the mini-series band of brothers. it's a great series that hbo did. it's directed and written wonderfully. it based on the book written by stephen e. ambrose. i've loved the series for a long time and it's been out on dvd for awhile now, but it was too expensive for me to buy it. but i have an amazing boyfriend and jeremy bought it for me for christmas. he gave it to me early for fear of me buying it for myself.

well that is my snow day, i hope everyone else has a great snow day. or if you don't get snow where you are, just take a personal day. have a day where you do things that you love and that make you happy. there's nothing more fun. : D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

edits part 2: the revenge

what i normally do when i write a poem is first i write it down on whatever is handy and right in front of me. whether its a piece of scrappaper, on the computer or on my hand. and then when i like it, i write it out on a fancy notebook that jeremy's sister janell got me. it's a really cool notebook personlized with all different pictures and stickers of things that i enjoy and inside jokes. well this morning i was putting my poem the peoples hero into the notebook. well as i was doing that i decided to rework my poem and found that i liked the reworked version better than the version i sent the people. it made me kinda angry for now i have big doubts about them picking my poem to get published. but i'm glad that i've reworked it and have a poem that i like now. not that i didn't like it before, but now i like it even better. if it doesn't get published, i will share it here with you guys so you can read it.