Monday, November 30, 2009


so for thanksgiving i went to arizona to visit with my family. it was the first thanksgiving i ever had with my dad so that was really nice. usually my mom would have me on thanksgiving and then my dad would get me that weekend. it was nice spending time with the family and getting to see everyone. i hadn't see my brother matt and my sister-in-law jenny since their wedding (which was 2 years ago) so that was really nice. after spending the weekend with them all i was compelled to write a poem about my nephew george who is three. so here it is, hope you like it. i named it: life is full of them.

You run in with no cares in the world
other than who’s going to be playing with you.
My sister,
your mother,
walks in slowly behind,
carrying everything that you could possibly need.
You dash from person to person
giving high-fives and kisses to all who ask.
You show us your toys
and have us run with you on the jungle gym.
When you don’t get your way
you cry to your mom
begging and pleading that she makes it right.
And all she can tell you back is that
life is full of disappointment.

Monday, November 23, 2009


so in the last couple of months some friends of mine family members have died and it has spurred me to write a poem about death. i finally have finished it and thought i would post it here. its strongly influenced by john donne's holy sonnet X. i love john donne's holy sonnets! holy sonnet X is my favorite and always influence's my death poems at least a little bit. so here's the poem i wrote, hope you like it.

The strongest of men fall to thee.
Smart or dumb,
rich or poor,
all are for your taking.
You know no bounds and
have no weaknesses.

And yet
I will not fall to thee.
Though some have called thee mighty,
you are nothing but an after thought to me.
For love
your greatest foe
protects me.
She shelters me with her guiding light.

Stand back,
oh mighty death,
and feel the stinging pains of love.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The People's Hero

so tonight i finally sent to superhero peom i was talking about in this post. i had the poem written since that post but just hadn't sent it out. so now i finally did. i named it The People's Hero. hopefully they will except it. i wrote about how a superhero just can't take the stress of saving the day, but yet knows that everyday he will still go out there and do it; for if nothing else people deserve to live. the poem will hopefully be part of a superhero anthology that is being put together. it would be really cool if it got published for my love for comics is just crazy! even if the peom doesn't get published as part of that anthology, maybe i can get graham crackers to some how publish it. whether it's on the website or just having my manager put it up at the store.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

dr. horrible review

i wrote another review for graham cracker comics this week. it's for the comic dr. horrible. i think it is written much better then the last review i wrote. like i had said before, the more i do it, the better it will get. plus the comic was great so it was easy to write about. hope you like the review and hope you like the comic.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


so for the poem i posted yesterday i thought i would share a line i decided that didn't need to go in the poem. i was going to add it at the end, but then decided that the poem was fine how it was.

"with your truthiness and your
scrubs marathons
you stole my heart."

i thought the feeling was already convayed and it didn't need to be repeated.

the truthiness comes from the word stephen colbert created; which jeremy and i watch all the time; stephen colbert that is not truthiness. how do you watch a word? and then the scrubs marathons is from in the begining of our relationship we used to watch all his scrubs dvds, for i had never seen the episodes and scrubs is jeremy's favorite show. so here's some ideas behind the editing process.

Monday, November 16, 2009

one year

this is a poem i wrote for me and jeremy's one year anniversary.

You still make my heart go pitter patter
as if the world didn’t matter.
A year has gone by and
it’s still you and I.
With your toothy smile
and your
worn blue shoes,
you’ve danced your way into my heart.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

less than three

so this weekend jeremy and i celebrated our one year anniversary (which is tomorrow). and by celebrate he was sick and i was taking care of him. he has strep throat, so that sucks major balls. he was amazing though and got me some amazing stuff. he bought me the new poets & writers magazine, which looks like to be a good issue. it has a list of the 50 best mfa colleges. so that will be cool to look at and see what the magazine lists as the top ranking colleges. he also bought me the latest poetry literature magazine. i would love to one day be published in there. it's my dream to get something in there one day. and i know i will one day! so it was just awesome that he got me that for our anniversary. he got me a couple other things, but it doesn't have to do with writing. so sorry guys, i'm keeping those details to myself. either way jeremy is amazing and i love him to death! i'm very excited about reading the too things he got me and i'm excited about all the poetry. i really have an amazing boyfriend. <3

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what will they become?

so i've been working with the lines i came up with at work. here's the tidbits. i'm still working on the full poem versions.

"The years have muted your voice
and the years have blurred your face. "

"like water I tried to hold on,
you slipped though my fingers."

"While trying to hold onto the wind, you blew away."

"You still make my heart go pitter patter as if the world didn’t matter. "

Monday, November 9, 2009


so this past weekend jeremy and i went letterboxing and walked around a beautiful forest perserve in romeoville, il. we found a bunch of different stamps and had a grand old time. jeremy stalked some animals so he could get some pictures. he got some good one's of a woodpecker and of a hawk. while we were at the park there was a swing set and since we are both kids at heart, we totally went and played on it. of course i was there with my point-and-shoot camera and took pictures of our day. and while looking at the pictures yesterday night it reminded me of some old (and i mean old, these were before i had any formal training) poems i had written many years ago. i remember when i wrote those poems. i was having a blah day and so i went to the park and took a notebook with me. i wrote a little bit about the what was happening around me and how i felt. so i thought i would share some new memories (the photo's from this weekend) with some old memories (the poetry from years and years ago). the first picture can explain its self. the second picture is jeremy stalking the woodpecker.

-one is never to old to play on the swings.

-a nice day brings all kinds of people outside. father and son. mother and her little ones. the swings creak as loud as the see-saws.

-when does a father decide that they are just your parent and not the one to push you on the tire swing?

-why does the woodpecker peck at a tree? is it for truth? or does it just look to make a hole in the tree's life. does the tree want truth? or does it just want a hole in its bark.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i thought i would share the with you all the things i got at the book signing. here's my book and two of the three bumperstickers i got that night. the third bumpersticker is already on my car (i put it on that night) and it's a picture of just the wheel and the snake. also, the top signature is a copy of the author's that had died, robert jordan. that is in every book. the signature that i had gotten is the second one.

working at work

so today at work a bunch of little tidbits of poems hit me. and different parts that would go together hit me at different times. luckily i don't have to remember it all by heart, i get to write down my ideas as the hit me. when the full poems take bloom i will share them here. hopefully they will come out awesome. if nothing else, i will share the tidbits that have inspired me to write.