Wednesday, September 28, 2011

costume charactors

so when i was at dragon con there were many different costumes there. from tv shows, movies, comics, manga, video games and of course literature. well since this is a blog about writing i thought i would post the pictures specific to literature here. so here they are.

this was posted before with my main post regarding dragon con, but this is jarlax from the forgotten realms world. he is a very smart dark elf.

these two women are mord sith's from the sword of truth novels. these women are very badass women who can kill anyone who steps in their way. 

this is laurana and raistlin from the dragonlance series. laurana is an elf and raistlin is a human wizard. both are very cool characters, but raist is my favorite.

this is matrim cauthon. he is a character from the wheel of time series. he is a very care free character but always lands into trouble. hehe. his army's slogan is 'it's time to toss the dice' i want to get that tattooed on my back.

and this stern fellow is jamie lanister from the song of ice and fire series. also known as the game of thrones series. at first i didn't like this character but as i continued to read the books, i started to like him.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

tell tale winnie the pooh

i saw this and i just fell in love with it! so amazing. even drawn in the style of winnie the pooh. amazing! plus i just love edgar allan poe! and my favorite story too. just a win all the way. i had used the beginning of tell tale heart for a try out for a play. got me a call back, though in the end i didn't get the part. ok i'll stop talking, here's the picture. awesome!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

hockey captain america

any time i can combine hockey with comics, i'm totally down. a friend of mine sent me this picture and i just had to share. the hockey player is mike madano and he is considered one of the best american born hockey player's. he is the all time leader for american born hockey players in points in hockey. and of course you know who captain america is.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

shakespeare letterbox

so i had gone letterboxing a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to mention it here. the letterbox was in a beautiful park and me and a friend went together to look for it. for my friend it was his first time going letterboxing and so i was excited to show him what goes on. the park we were in was just absolutely beautiful. i wished we had time to spend in the park but we only had time to get the letterbox. but we made the best of the time we had. the letterbox we found was a carving of shakespeare. you started at a statue of shakespeare and then followed directions to the letterbox. the stamp was an exact copy of the statue. it was amazing. i don't have a picture of the stamp but i have a picture of the statue. hope you enjoy. and as a ps, i've gotten my friend hooked on letterboxing and we have now found a couple more stamps together and plan on finding some more. so here's the photo of the statue.

superman in london

Saturday, September 17, 2011


spiderman knows how to roll. totally fucking awesome!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

dragon con!!!!

ok i'm finally here to post about dragon con. i'm not going to do it linear sorry. but i'll definitely highlight the awesomeness of the con.

- got to meet timothy zahn. and i got photo with him and he signed one of my books. he wrote the star wars books that are after movie 6. he wrote what would be 7,8,9. and they are the only books that are ok'd by lucas saying they are what happened after the movies (there's a picture of me with him on my flickr).
- got to meet tracy hickman and laura hickman. tracy hickman is one of the authors of the dragonlance series. laura hickman is his wife and has written some books with tracy. i got pictures of them and signatures.
- went to the stan lee panal. was amazing to see him. he's so absent minded but his work is amazing. he had just gotten back from shooting his cameo for the avengers movie.
-went to the lou ferrigno panel. he is one of the most positive people. he is all about making yourself connected to your body and being in a good positive life. it was pretty cool to see him. i think my dad was more excited about me seeing him then i was. hehe.
-went to the time travelers ball with greg, katie and rob. katie, rob and me dressed in steampunk (there's a picture of us on my flickr).
-saw greta win the intermediate level of the costume contest with her steampunk outfit (there's a picture of greta in her steampunk constume on my flickr).
-got to meet new people for i only new 2 of the 8 people on the trip.
-went to atlanta for the first time.
-bought some really cool swag. got an officially licensed wheel of time Aes Sedai ring. which means that robert jordan designed how the ring should look. got a captain america hoodie. got a captain america shot glass. got some bumper stickers: one is a wizard with a fire ball in one hand and the other is a smoldering gun and it says 'sometimes magic just doesn't finish the job', the other bumper sticker (pay attention travis) says 'there's nothing like a good full pipe at the end of the day'.
-saw some really cool constumes. there were some venture brothers, jarlaxe, mord siths, raistlin majere and Lauralanthalasa Kanan, captain america and red skull, a million harry potters and a million dr's from the different dr. who's, steampunk, star wars, star trek, firefly and sooooo much more. 
-they did a blood drive and me, greg and greta all gave blood. we got a tshirt as a thanks.
-now here are some photos.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

dragon con

it's late and so all i can say for now is that dragon con was amazing! definitely going to have to make this a yearly thing. all the pictures i have up right now are on my flickr account. i'll post more when i actually post about dragon con.