Wednesday, September 28, 2011

costume charactors

so when i was at dragon con there were many different costumes there. from tv shows, movies, comics, manga, video games and of course literature. well since this is a blog about writing i thought i would post the pictures specific to literature here. so here they are.

this was posted before with my main post regarding dragon con, but this is jarlax from the forgotten realms world. he is a very smart dark elf.

these two women are mord sith's from the sword of truth novels. these women are very badass women who can kill anyone who steps in their way. 

this is laurana and raistlin from the dragonlance series. laurana is an elf and raistlin is a human wizard. both are very cool characters, but raist is my favorite.

this is matrim cauthon. he is a character from the wheel of time series. he is a very care free character but always lands into trouble. hehe. his army's slogan is 'it's time to toss the dice' i want to get that tattooed on my back.

and this stern fellow is jamie lanister from the song of ice and fire series. also known as the game of thrones series. at first i didn't like this character but as i continued to read the books, i started to like him.

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