Sunday, September 18, 2011

shakespeare letterbox

so i had gone letterboxing a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to mention it here. the letterbox was in a beautiful park and me and a friend went together to look for it. for my friend it was his first time going letterboxing and so i was excited to show him what goes on. the park we were in was just absolutely beautiful. i wished we had time to spend in the park but we only had time to get the letterbox. but we made the best of the time we had. the letterbox we found was a carving of shakespeare. you started at a statue of shakespeare and then followed directions to the letterbox. the stamp was an exact copy of the statue. it was amazing. i don't have a picture of the stamp but i have a picture of the statue. hope you enjoy. and as a ps, i've gotten my friend hooked on letterboxing and we have now found a couple more stamps together and plan on finding some more. so here's the photo of the statue.

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