Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new comic wednesday

i wrote another review this week. i wrote one for captain america reborn #6.  this is definatly a weekly thing now. i'm having fun picking the different comics i will write about every week. and this is my first captain america review, which is totally exciting! and anyone who knows me, knows how in love i am with cap! so hope you like this weeks review. can't wait to see what i'll write about next week.


i thought that i would continue with the quote entry once a month. i just love finding new quotes and sharing them. so here are some more for this month. hope you enjoy and hope they inspire!

-"so girl if that shit ain't up to you then you simply are not free cuz from the sunlight on my hair to which eggs i grow to term to the expression that i wear all i really own is me." - ani defranco
-"thou art to me a delicious torment." - ralph waldo emerson
-"juliet's version of cleanliness was next to godliness, which was to say it was erratic, past all understanding and was seldom seen." - unseen academicals by terry pratchett
-"the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." - helen keller
-"he wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat." - shakespeare
-"i will not kneel on the ground allowing the executinoers to look tall." - bei dao
-"so much has been said and sung of beautiful young girls, why doesn't somebody wake up to the beauty of old women? "  - harriet becker stowe
-"civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock." - sigmund freud
-"to conquer death you only have to die." - jesus christ superstar by andrew llyod webber

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

word of the week

ritornello- instrumental interlude before or after an aria, scene, etc. in early, esp. 17th-cent., operas
2.a tutti section recurring in a concerto grosso or rondo

Monday, January 25, 2010


so i wrote a review for the blog bookersatz on the book wwz (world war zombie). the people there were really nice and easy to get a hold of. it took them about a week to get back to me which was totally nice. i love it when i don't have to wait around wondering if my stuff is going to get published (whether its on a blog or a mag.). so here it is. hope you like it. and you really should go and read the book. it was an amazing book!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new comic wednesday!

so it is new comic wednesday and as you know i work at the comic shop on wednesdays. well once again i was asked to write a review. so this time i reviewed avengers vs. the agents of atlas. this is my third time doing it and i defiantly think i'm getting the hang of writing these comic reviews. i'll probally be doing them way more often now since i'm more comfortable with it. hope you enjoy.


so i've finally decided what i am going to do with at least one of the books that jeremy won for me. i'm always reading about differnt books and then writing them down making a list of books i want to buy and read. but i always write the book list down  in different locations and loose the list. well now since i have nice hand bound writing books, i thought i would use one of the smaller ones to keep my list of books that i want to read.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

word of the week

so as a writer one must use the language in which they write in to convey what they want you to feel (a little obvious i know, i'm getting there).  but when all you have is words, what words you use are important. and in one of my writing books, it has an exercise where you randomly open the dictionary and write down every word you don't know from that page. it's to help build your vocabulary. you would think that you would know a bunch of words, but trust me, there are many that you don't. well, at least i don't. so i thought i would share a word once a week that i didn't know. i've discussed this in a different way in this post. so here's this weeks: rive.

rive: 1) to rend or tear apart
2) to break into pieces, as by a blow; cleave or split asunder.
3) to break or distress.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the poet's companion

so i'm definatly geeking out about my new poetry writing book called; the poet's companion: a guide to the pleasures of writing poetry by kim addonizio and dorianne laux. i've been reading it and have already done one exercise. it's an easy read and the exercises aren't over complicated. for each chapter there are multiple exercises to choose from and each stress the point that is being made in the chapter. i would strongly suggest this book for writers looking for a book that gives you helpful ideas and helps you impliment them. A+ to the writers!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

and even more books!

first of all i thought i would share a song my brother created the day i was born. "molly rose was born, she just woke up on a molly morn." and my brother says that was the start of his song writing career (hehe). the reason i share that is because today is my 24th birthday.

in other news, i have gotten 4 more books from barnes& i got:
dragons of the dwarven depths by margaret weis and tracy hickman
the riddle-master series by patricia a mckillip
the annotated legends by margaret weis and tracy hickman
the poets companion: a guide to the pleasures of writing poetry by kim addonizio and dorianne laux.
i'm very excited about the poets companion book. i love dorianne laux work! she is an amazing poet and i'm excited to see what she has to say about writing poetry. i'm also excited about the annotated legends book for it's a series i've already read, but in the margines, the authors have written notes on how they got the ideas for didn't parts of the story. i always love to see how people get their ideas.

Monday, January 4, 2010

books, books and more books!

so jeremy's family was getting rid of some old books and they asked if i wanted to take a look at them before they sell them to half price books. well of course i did! so i looked through them and i banked on a bunch of books. i got:
the red badge of courage and four great stories by stephen crane
nine stories by jd salinger
the grapes of wrath by john steinback
the stranger by albert camus
a million little pieces by james frey
the truth about the irish by terry eagleton
and a classroom literature book that jeremy and janell had used in their english 101 class.
then when we were waiting to see how much money half price books would give jeremy for selling back the other books i picked up four more books for myself. i'm totally in love with these teen books called the dear america and the royal diaries. i can only seem to find them at half price books for some odd reason. but i found 3 more dear america books and 1 more royal diarie. and i got one more book at barnes and noble this weekend. i got a poets market. it's a book filled with different places to send your work to get published. a must have for writers who want to get published. i already have a writters market, but i wanted a more specialized one for poetry. so hurray! so i totally banked on books this weekend. where i'm going to put them i have no clue, but who cares, i have more books!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


so yesterday at work while i was listening to the phantom of the opera and just plugging along, it hit me how to fix my story i've been working on. different days has been kinda stuck and i didn't know how to fix it, but thankfully it just hit me and now i can move along in the story. : D it was so random it was great. sadly i won't have time to work on it all weekend, but come monday, i'll be typing away! i was stuck on what time period of the main charactors life to make everything happen. and as i've stated before it's not going to go in chronoligical order, it's going to jump around. well i've decided to have it jump around all her life. not just one certain age period. it hit me so randomly i loved it. plus it brightened my day up at work.

also it seems that for the superhero anthology, i'll know in february whether i got my poem in or not. so cross your fingers.