Saturday, January 2, 2010


so yesterday at work while i was listening to the phantom of the opera and just plugging along, it hit me how to fix my story i've been working on. different days has been kinda stuck and i didn't know how to fix it, but thankfully it just hit me and now i can move along in the story. : D it was so random it was great. sadly i won't have time to work on it all weekend, but come monday, i'll be typing away! i was stuck on what time period of the main charactors life to make everything happen. and as i've stated before it's not going to go in chronoligical order, it's going to jump around. well i've decided to have it jump around all her life. not just one certain age period. it hit me so randomly i loved it. plus it brightened my day up at work.

also it seems that for the superhero anthology, i'll know in february whether i got my poem in or not. so cross your fingers.

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