Monday, August 24, 2009

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

well i've fully come to realize that i won't make the contest for the end of this month. sigh, but these things happen. i'm still going to be working on my manuscript, for i think it is important for me to finish. i'll have a great sense of accomplishment and it will be nice to have a finished "book" under my belt. i put book in quotes for it's just a manuscript, but i would love for it to be a book.

i've written another poem. it has a person looking back on a relationship and seeing how things matched and how things went wrong. again if you want to read it i'll email it to you, just shoot me a message.

this past sunday i went and saw the phantom of the opera, which is my all time favorite musical out there! i just love it and know it by heart. so it was amazing to finally see it in the flesh. i wasn't let down! it inspired me to want to write more songs. i've written one before for my ex's band article. they named the song 'so sorry' i don't know if they still play it. i'm sure they don't. but the song was different poetry i wrote put all together and then i added a little bit more so the song would be more coherant. the only problem with me writing a song, is that i'm not in a band, so i would have to get someone else's band to take my lyrics and put it to music. well thankfully i know a bunch of bands. so i'm sure i can get someone to take it. well as a parting gift, here's the song i wrote called so sorry:

"just put it to your lips and have another drink
it won't drown your fears but you think it will
fine ruin your life
just have another drink
late night out
someone else's perfume on you
hair a mess when i haven't touched you
who is this girl you cheat on me with?
what does she have that i don't have?
we say sorry
no one means it
don't say it
just keep on blaming me for everything everyone it's ok
your fist meets her face
bruises all over her body
you say she needs discipline
you say she's broken the rules
you say it's not your fault she needs to be punished
we say sorry
no one means it
don't say it
justt keep on blaming me for everything everyone it's ok"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


so i found another poetry book contest that i can send my manuscript to. acutally i know there are many different ones i can send it to if i don't make this contests that the deadline is at the end of this month. i'm pretty sure now i won't make this deadline. but the contest that i just found which is through truman state university, the deadline is october 31. so i can definatly make that deadline. plus then i can refine my poetry and not be rushed or anything. either way i'm totally excited about my manuscript. i know i keep saying that, but i'm soooo stoked about it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

manners part 3 - the rise of manners

so this past weekend my sister marianne and her son george came to stay. they are from oregon and are in town for a month. which i think is really nice. the great thing is that manners on my nephew are not forgotten. my sister has done a really good job teaching george to say please and thank you. it was amazing. so i will defiantly have to have a part in my manners book where some people/kids know their manners. and not just have everyone not know their manners. plus i think it will be a more believable story if some people do know their manners.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


so i've gotten a part time job at graham crackers comic book store. it's within walking distance to my place and i get to sell/talk comics all day long. how amazing is that?! i'll only be working one day a week, which means i only have 1 day a week off now. but i'm ok with that for i need the money's. what does this have to do with writing? well, i will be working on wednesday's when the new comics come out for the week. and from time-to-time the comic book store will have an artist or writer there that wednesday to sign comics. well after the day is done the workers at graham crackers take the artist/writer out to dinner as a thankyou for being at our store for the day. so i'll get to sit and chit-chat with someone in the industry of comics (which i would love to write for) and see how it's all done. if i can get my foot in the door that way that would be amazing!

i've thought about writing for comics before. i htink it would really cool. i'm not an artist so i would always have to collaberate with someone to get the finished product, but there are many writers out there that have to do that with comics; same for just artists who can't write. it would be cool to see your written word into a picture. to have your idea inspire the artist to finish the whole project of the comic.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

so it continues

so i worked on my manuscript and i have about 20 poems now. i don't know if i'll finish in time for the contest, but i'll just be glad to have a finished manuscript. i put the tuna poem (that i talked about in this post ) in it, and i added the dream poem i talked about in my last post. i think those will be good additions. i'm pretty excited about this and have a feeling it will turn out great.

Monday, August 10, 2009


so this past weekend jeremy was over and he had a really wierd dream but i totally want to use it in a poem somehow. he dreamt that he was taking pictures of people/things and that the people were alive and all but the photo his camera would show the people would be dead and decayed.

also i dreamt last night that an ex-boyfriend was trying to light me on fire. i was trapped in a glass container and i was laying in oil and my ex lit the oil on fire and it coming towards me. i had to break out of the container before the fire got to me, but by the time i broke out, my hair was on fire. so that part is totally part of a poem i started. i really like the poem i have coming from that dream. i know it sounds creepy but i think it will be a kickass poem in the end.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

manuscript is a go

so i've been working on my manuscript of poetry. and it's been going pretty smoothly. i'm getting pretty excited about it. all other projects have taken a back burner until i'm done with this one. espically since there's a deadline at the end of the month. so i've got to get moving. i don't like being rushed, espically with my poetry, but i really want to be part of this contest so i guess i will be a little bit. if i win sweet! if i odn't, well that happens. i'll be happy just to have a finsihed manuscript. i've looked at my old poetry that isn't up to publishing standards, and i've revamped them so i can put them in my manuscript. i've also written some new stuff to be put in there. i wrote a new poem about riding the train from wisconsin to illinois. that sounds boring but i think it's interesting for i put images of "normal" america in the poem. i'd post the poem but publishing companies consider posting poetry online as being published before. so i have to keep my stuff that i want published off the internets. if you really want to read it i can send it to you. just give me your email i will make sure you get it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

manners part 2.

i really am contemplating this manners book. for today at work i went to the bathroom and as i sat on the toilet i realized it was wet! it's a female only bathroom so how the hell(!) did the toilet get all wet?! wait, i don't want to konw. either way i'm sitting in grossness. whoever used the bathroom before me couldn't have wiped the toilet down? arg!!!!! to say the least, it was gross. it made me really contemplate writing a manners book. people are continously showing me how much they fail as humans. i wish i could do this to them:

though i will point out that some of my faith in humanity was restored this weekend. i was on the train and i hadn't been asked to purchase a ticket. so when the conductor showed i asked him if i could by a weekend pass for the train. he said that they were all sold out and that i would have to get it at the train station. which is no big deal. well, while i was getting off the train a couple asked me if i would like their ticket for they are home and won't need the ticket anymore. i thought that was so nice of them! so i guess there are some nice people out there. they are just far and few inbetween. so maybe in my manners book i will have some people who know their manners.

life of pi

so they say that writers should read for fun and they should read for writing. it helps in both ways to work your mind. so i thought i would share the books i've read for both pleasure and for strengthing my writing mind.

well i just recently finished reading life of pi, which i read just for fun. it was a pretty good book. i liked the images and the ideas in the book. the only problem i had with the book is the ending. the main character retells his story for some investigators only instead of using animals he uses real people. well in the retelling of the story it gives the story a more, relife feel, but i think the ideas are a little lost because the author is overhanding the reader the ideas the author wants to get across. i don't think the author needed the ending. but that is just me. otherwise, i liked the book.