Monday, August 24, 2009

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

well i've fully come to realize that i won't make the contest for the end of this month. sigh, but these things happen. i'm still going to be working on my manuscript, for i think it is important for me to finish. i'll have a great sense of accomplishment and it will be nice to have a finished "book" under my belt. i put book in quotes for it's just a manuscript, but i would love for it to be a book.

i've written another poem. it has a person looking back on a relationship and seeing how things matched and how things went wrong. again if you want to read it i'll email it to you, just shoot me a message.

this past sunday i went and saw the phantom of the opera, which is my all time favorite musical out there! i just love it and know it by heart. so it was amazing to finally see it in the flesh. i wasn't let down! it inspired me to want to write more songs. i've written one before for my ex's band article. they named the song 'so sorry' i don't know if they still play it. i'm sure they don't. but the song was different poetry i wrote put all together and then i added a little bit more so the song would be more coherant. the only problem with me writing a song, is that i'm not in a band, so i would have to get someone else's band to take my lyrics and put it to music. well thankfully i know a bunch of bands. so i'm sure i can get someone to take it. well as a parting gift, here's the song i wrote called so sorry:

"just put it to your lips and have another drink
it won't drown your fears but you think it will
fine ruin your life
just have another drink
late night out
someone else's perfume on you
hair a mess when i haven't touched you
who is this girl you cheat on me with?
what does she have that i don't have?
we say sorry
no one means it
don't say it
just keep on blaming me for everything everyone it's ok
your fist meets her face
bruises all over her body
you say she needs discipline
you say she's broken the rules
you say it's not your fault she needs to be punished
we say sorry
no one means it
don't say it
justt keep on blaming me for everything everyone it's ok"

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a.e. said...

I would, of course, like to read your poem.
Sorry about the deadlines. Glad you had fun at the 'opera'!