Sunday, August 16, 2009


so i've gotten a part time job at graham crackers comic book store. it's within walking distance to my place and i get to sell/talk comics all day long. how amazing is that?! i'll only be working one day a week, which means i only have 1 day a week off now. but i'm ok with that for i need the money's. what does this have to do with writing? well, i will be working on wednesday's when the new comics come out for the week. and from time-to-time the comic book store will have an artist or writer there that wednesday to sign comics. well after the day is done the workers at graham crackers take the artist/writer out to dinner as a thankyou for being at our store for the day. so i'll get to sit and chit-chat with someone in the industry of comics (which i would love to write for) and see how it's all done. if i can get my foot in the door that way that would be amazing!

i've thought about writing for comics before. i htink it would really cool. i'm not an artist so i would always have to collaberate with someone to get the finished product, but there are many writers out there that have to do that with comics; same for just artists who can't write. it would be cool to see your written word into a picture. to have your idea inspire the artist to finish the whole project of the comic.

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