Monday, August 3, 2009

manners part 2.

i really am contemplating this manners book. for today at work i went to the bathroom and as i sat on the toilet i realized it was wet! it's a female only bathroom so how the hell(!) did the toilet get all wet?! wait, i don't want to konw. either way i'm sitting in grossness. whoever used the bathroom before me couldn't have wiped the toilet down? arg!!!!! to say the least, it was gross. it made me really contemplate writing a manners book. people are continously showing me how much they fail as humans. i wish i could do this to them:

though i will point out that some of my faith in humanity was restored this weekend. i was on the train and i hadn't been asked to purchase a ticket. so when the conductor showed i asked him if i could by a weekend pass for the train. he said that they were all sold out and that i would have to get it at the train station. which is no big deal. well, while i was getting off the train a couple asked me if i would like their ticket for they are home and won't need the ticket anymore. i thought that was so nice of them! so i guess there are some nice people out there. they are just far and few inbetween. so maybe in my manners book i will have some people who know their manners.

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