Wednesday, August 5, 2009

manuscript is a go

so i've been working on my manuscript of poetry. and it's been going pretty smoothly. i'm getting pretty excited about it. all other projects have taken a back burner until i'm done with this one. espically since there's a deadline at the end of the month. so i've got to get moving. i don't like being rushed, espically with my poetry, but i really want to be part of this contest so i guess i will be a little bit. if i win sweet! if i odn't, well that happens. i'll be happy just to have a finsihed manuscript. i've looked at my old poetry that isn't up to publishing standards, and i've revamped them so i can put them in my manuscript. i've also written some new stuff to be put in there. i wrote a new poem about riding the train from wisconsin to illinois. that sounds boring but i think it's interesting for i put images of "normal" america in the poem. i'd post the poem but publishing companies consider posting poetry online as being published before. so i have to keep my stuff that i want published off the internets. if you really want to read it i can send it to you. just give me your email i will make sure you get it.

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