Friday, November 11, 2011


so i've decided to start a different blog. it's now at so go on over there and you'll see all things not just writing things. thanks.

edit: 11/21 it now has the corrected wed address for my new blog. sorry about that everyone.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


so it's been a really long time since i've done this. sorry everyone. i'm back now. watch out! hehe. i'm a mood for love quotes. so here they are.

-"it's amazing how i know i can't, i could never walk away." - cartel
-"i love you for not only what you are, but for what i am when i am with you. i love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. i love you for the part of me you bring out." - elizabeth barnett browning
-"if you are not too long, i will wait here for you all my life." - oscar wilde
-"he understood for the first time how if you believed you belong to someone no piece of paper or priest's benediction could make it any more real." - ?
-"love me in the night, but don't please don't leave me in the dark." - tom robbins
-"what a difference a day made and that difference is you." - jamie cullum
-"i held your hand you stole my heart." - parlour mob
-"but when its my time to throw the next stone, i'll call you beautiful, if i call you at all." - chris cornell
-"i wish i was beautiful or that you were half way blind." - harry chapin
-"lost for you i'm so lost for you." - dave matthews band
-"you wear nothing but you wear it so well." - dave matthews band
-"i like the way you say "baby"' - black crowes
-"i love you more than all that's on the planet." - shakira

white blank page

so mumford and sons have a song called 'white blank page' and it is just a wonderful song about writing. i love how he writes about writing as if it was a woman. so here are the lyrics to the song.

Can you lie next to her
And give her your heart, your heart
As well as your body
And can you lie next to her
And confess your love, your love
As well as your folly
And can you kneel before the king
And say I'm clean, I'm clean

But tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart
But tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart

A white blank page and a swelling rage, rage
You did not think when you sent me to the brink, the brink
You desired my attention but denied my affections, my affections

But tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart
But tell me now, where was my fault
In loving you with my whole heart

Lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life
Lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

hitchhiker letterbox

so i have gone and created my first letterbox. it's a hitchhiker letterbox. a hitchhiker letterbox is: A letterbox without a home. A hitchhiker is hidden with another letterbox, and the person that finds it is expected to take the hitchhiker to another letterbox. - as defined by atlas quest. my hitchhiker was not carved by me, i got another letterboxer to do that, and she did an amazing job! i had asked for a carve of a rose and she did wonderfully. i named the letterbox 'just as sweet' after shakespeare's romeo and juliet's quote of '... a rose by any other name...'. i'm very excited about it. since one can't find it unless it's at the letterbox they are at, for the clue i just put the full quote from the play. for the first find, i'm mailing it to one of my best friends, lindsay. she lives in florida and is the person who got me into letterboxing. so i'm going to mail it off to her and she can put it in the first letterbox that she finds. here's how the clue looks for my letterbox - click on clue. and here's the picture the of what my stamp is.
 - i must say a big thank you to a friend of mine. he really helped me out with what i should name the letterbox, what the stamp should be and everything else. so big thank you to my portillos eating partner in crime.

Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

for halloween i thought i would share an image from one of my favorite comic writers/artists. this is from roman dirge, he writes the comic called lenore. he has written other things also, but his main story is lenore. the comic lenore got her name from my favorite story by edgar allan poe: the raven. i thought i would share an image he created for a tshirt that depicts lenore.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

bookshelf quilt

for all you quilters out there, here is a tutorial on how to make a bookshelf quilt.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

captain america movie

i know this is a day late, but the captain america movie is out in stores now! hurray! in some ways the movie follow the comics great, but in some ways it doesn't follow at all. but over all i like the movie. so if you haven't seen it yet, go out and rent it. i know netflix has it if you get dvd's mailed to you. so go watch it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hey you - pink floyd

Hey you, out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you, standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?
Hey you, dont help them to bury the light
Don't give in without a fight.

Hey you, out there on your own
Sitting naked by the phone
Would you touch me?
Hey you, with you ear against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out
Would you touch me?
Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone?
Open your heart, I'm coming home.

But it was only fantasy.
The wall was too high,
As you can see.
No matter how he tried,
He could not break free.
And the worms ate into his brain.

Hey you, standing in the road
always doing what you're told,
Can you help me?
Hey you, out there beyond the wall,
Breaking bottles in the hall,
Can you help me?
Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall.