Monday, August 3, 2009

life of pi

so they say that writers should read for fun and they should read for writing. it helps in both ways to work your mind. so i thought i would share the books i've read for both pleasure and for strengthing my writing mind.

well i just recently finished reading life of pi, which i read just for fun. it was a pretty good book. i liked the images and the ideas in the book. the only problem i had with the book is the ending. the main character retells his story for some investigators only instead of using animals he uses real people. well in the retelling of the story it gives the story a more, relife feel, but i think the ideas are a little lost because the author is overhanding the reader the ideas the author wants to get across. i don't think the author needed the ending. but that is just me. otherwise, i liked the book.

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