Sunday, September 11, 2011

dragon con!!!!

ok i'm finally here to post about dragon con. i'm not going to do it linear sorry. but i'll definitely highlight the awesomeness of the con.

- got to meet timothy zahn. and i got photo with him and he signed one of my books. he wrote the star wars books that are after movie 6. he wrote what would be 7,8,9. and they are the only books that are ok'd by lucas saying they are what happened after the movies (there's a picture of me with him on my flickr).
- got to meet tracy hickman and laura hickman. tracy hickman is one of the authors of the dragonlance series. laura hickman is his wife and has written some books with tracy. i got pictures of them and signatures.
- went to the stan lee panal. was amazing to see him. he's so absent minded but his work is amazing. he had just gotten back from shooting his cameo for the avengers movie.
-went to the lou ferrigno panel. he is one of the most positive people. he is all about making yourself connected to your body and being in a good positive life. it was pretty cool to see him. i think my dad was more excited about me seeing him then i was. hehe.
-went to the time travelers ball with greg, katie and rob. katie, rob and me dressed in steampunk (there's a picture of us on my flickr).
-saw greta win the intermediate level of the costume contest with her steampunk outfit (there's a picture of greta in her steampunk constume on my flickr).
-got to meet new people for i only new 2 of the 8 people on the trip.
-went to atlanta for the first time.
-bought some really cool swag. got an officially licensed wheel of time Aes Sedai ring. which means that robert jordan designed how the ring should look. got a captain america hoodie. got a captain america shot glass. got some bumper stickers: one is a wizard with a fire ball in one hand and the other is a smoldering gun and it says 'sometimes magic just doesn't finish the job', the other bumper sticker (pay attention travis) says 'there's nothing like a good full pipe at the end of the day'.
-saw some really cool constumes. there were some venture brothers, jarlaxe, mord siths, raistlin majere and Lauralanthalasa Kanan, captain america and red skull, a million harry potters and a million dr's from the different dr. who's, steampunk, star wars, star trek, firefly and sooooo much more. 
-they did a blood drive and me, greg and greta all gave blood. we got a tshirt as a thanks.
-now here are some photos.

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