Monday, November 30, 2009


so for thanksgiving i went to arizona to visit with my family. it was the first thanksgiving i ever had with my dad so that was really nice. usually my mom would have me on thanksgiving and then my dad would get me that weekend. it was nice spending time with the family and getting to see everyone. i hadn't see my brother matt and my sister-in-law jenny since their wedding (which was 2 years ago) so that was really nice. after spending the weekend with them all i was compelled to write a poem about my nephew george who is three. so here it is, hope you like it. i named it: life is full of them.

You run in with no cares in the world
other than who’s going to be playing with you.
My sister,
your mother,
walks in slowly behind,
carrying everything that you could possibly need.
You dash from person to person
giving high-fives and kisses to all who ask.
You show us your toys
and have us run with you on the jungle gym.
When you don’t get your way
you cry to your mom
begging and pleading that she makes it right.
And all she can tell you back is that
life is full of disappointment.

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