Wednesday, December 2, 2009

edits part 2: the revenge

what i normally do when i write a poem is first i write it down on whatever is handy and right in front of me. whether its a piece of scrappaper, on the computer or on my hand. and then when i like it, i write it out on a fancy notebook that jeremy's sister janell got me. it's a really cool notebook personlized with all different pictures and stickers of things that i enjoy and inside jokes. well this morning i was putting my poem the peoples hero into the notebook. well as i was doing that i decided to rework my poem and found that i liked the reworked version better than the version i sent the people. it made me kinda angry for now i have big doubts about them picking my poem to get published. but i'm glad that i've reworked it and have a poem that i like now. not that i didn't like it before, but now i like it even better. if it doesn't get published, i will share it here with you guys so you can read it.

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