Wednesday, December 9, 2009

snow day

today it is snowing and i'm taking a personal day. i had already taken the day off from the comic shop so i could go to wisconsin, but the weather was bad last night so i didn't make the trip. so now i have the day off and it's snowing. there's nothing more fun then running around in the snow. or just watching the snow fall. so since i'm having a snow day i decided to do some of my favorite things. i'm going to drink lots of hott chocolate, watch movies, read my books and write until i can't write anymore. i'm sure many of the poems will be winter/christmas themed, but i'm ok with that. tis the season for things like that.

right now i'm reading the last book in the tamuli serious by david eddings: the hidden city. its a great fantasy story. with some love in it but it's the action that drives the writing. and the humor is great also. david eddings does a great job of writing believable people. i feel like i could meet these people in my every day life. i'm sad that david eddings won't be writing anymore, for he is dead. he died earlier this year. but he will live on in his wonderful books he wrote!

i'm also watching the mini-series band of brothers. it's a great series that hbo did. it's directed and written wonderfully. it based on the book written by stephen e. ambrose. i've loved the series for a long time and it's been out on dvd for awhile now, but it was too expensive for me to buy it. but i have an amazing boyfriend and jeremy bought it for me for christmas. he gave it to me early for fear of me buying it for myself.

well that is my snow day, i hope everyone else has a great snow day. or if you don't get snow where you are, just take a personal day. have a day where you do things that you love and that make you happy. there's nothing more fun. : D

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