Sunday, November 15, 2009

less than three

so this weekend jeremy and i celebrated our one year anniversary (which is tomorrow). and by celebrate he was sick and i was taking care of him. he has strep throat, so that sucks major balls. he was amazing though and got me some amazing stuff. he bought me the new poets & writers magazine, which looks like to be a good issue. it has a list of the 50 best mfa colleges. so that will be cool to look at and see what the magazine lists as the top ranking colleges. he also bought me the latest poetry literature magazine. i would love to one day be published in there. it's my dream to get something in there one day. and i know i will one day! so it was just awesome that he got me that for our anniversary. he got me a couple other things, but it doesn't have to do with writing. so sorry guys, i'm keeping those details to myself. either way jeremy is amazing and i love him to death! i'm very excited about reading the too things he got me and i'm excited about all the poetry. i really have an amazing boyfriend. <3

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