Monday, November 23, 2009


so in the last couple of months some friends of mine family members have died and it has spurred me to write a poem about death. i finally have finished it and thought i would post it here. its strongly influenced by john donne's holy sonnet X. i love john donne's holy sonnets! holy sonnet X is my favorite and always influence's my death poems at least a little bit. so here's the poem i wrote, hope you like it.

The strongest of men fall to thee.
Smart or dumb,
rich or poor,
all are for your taking.
You know no bounds and
have no weaknesses.

And yet
I will not fall to thee.
Though some have called thee mighty,
you are nothing but an after thought to me.
For love
your greatest foe
protects me.
She shelters me with her guiding light.

Stand back,
oh mighty death,
and feel the stinging pains of love.


a.e. said...

Reading this gave me chills.

I like how 'love' is personified as a woman.

Speaking of love, congrats on the anniversary!
Three cheers for love!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem.
I do fear death, but I think I only fear death because I have love, so I have something to lose.
Though death is not mighty, death is a coward that creeps up in the night and tries to steal everything you'll ever have.
I love the line "feel the stinging pains of love."

mollie said...

you are right, death is a coward that creeps up in the middle of the night.