Tuesday, May 17, 2011


so the unabomber (or his real name is Ted Kaczynski) personal items are being auctioned off and the proceeds of the money is going to the families of the victims. some of the items you can get: his hooded gray sweatshirt, his aviator glasses and even his illinois birth certificate. but the reason i'm posting about this on here, is that you can get the type writter he wrote his manifesto on and you can get the actual manifesto.

now i don't agree with what the unabomber did, but i think it would be interesting to read what he had to say. i know it was published in the washington post and the new york times, but it would still be interesting to have the actual manifesto. not that i'm going to go buy it. don't get me wrong. it's just one of those, 'i may not agree with what you have to say, but i will fight to the death that you have the right to say it'. and he did say it, and i'm curious what he had to say. there's only one way to know if you agree or disagree with someone and that is to read what they have to say.

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Anonymous said...

I like how some nut strings a few paragraphs together and instead of it being the ramblings of a madman, it is called a manifesto. I don't even know what the hell a manifesto is. I thought it was Italian meaning a whole bunch of festivals. hehe. I would like to read it though. How much is it going for? I got 10 bucks for the cause.