Tuesday, February 16, 2010

inner demons

so my pals from nothing special productions are doing a new play. well i guess it's a set of plays. called inner demons and it's written by nick cardiff. nick is a great playwright. this production should be good just like the other nothing special productions i've seen. and i've gotten to read some of nick's scripts and they are just amazing! he knows how to write about the human condition. so i strongly suggest everyone go and see this play if you are in the chicago area.

To buy tickets please call Gorilla Tango by calling 773-598-4549 or visit their website at http://www.gorillatango.com/.

Tickets: $10
Shows: February 26th @11:30pm
            March 6 @ 10pm
Run time: 45 minutes.

Inner Demons is Nothing Special Productions’ Chicago debut and features three new plays by Nick Cardiff which explore the haunting nature of loss, betrayal and love. In Fear and Shadows, directed by Mikey Laird, we see Cupid falling in love with a mortal and the grave consequences that follow. Existence, directed by Robert Quinlan, shows how far the mind may go to explain one’s own reality after life throws an unfortunate curve. Finally in The Room, also directed by Mikey Laird, we see the relationship of two men who have been trapped in a room for as long as they can remember and how they react to finding out where it is they really are.

Melissa Imbrogno
Nick Demeris
Brian Rohde
Dane Lewandowski
George Zerante
Ilona Nemeth

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