Thursday, February 11, 2010

sharp objects

so i just finished the book sharp objects by gillian flynn and i have to say i liked it. the only objection i have to it was that the main character cuts and it's kinda randomly thrown at you. it's not lead up to at all. it's almost 4 chapters into the book until the main character tells you all about it, it's half way through a chapter and it's just like oh by the way i cut. i don't know if the author needed to do that. instead i think the author could have just strongly alluded to it, like just showing the readers the images of the cuts all over the body.  i think it would have been better that way. here the quote "what i like about a good author is not what he says, but what he whispers" - logan pearsall smith, would fit perfectly. i think if the author whispered the cutting i would have liked the book better. but i'm not the author and it's not my vision. i did enjoy the book and would suggest it for others to read. writing this review makes me think of a quote i found one day: "a critic can only review the book he has read, not the one which the writer wrote." - mignon mclaughlin. i can only review what i read, which is for sure different then what the writer wrote.

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