Monday, June 7, 2010

em forster

em forster wrote a passage to india and other stories, while i have only read a passage to india, i enjoyed his writing. well, wendy moffat, associate professor of english at dickinson college, pennsylvania, uncovered while researching a new biography of the novelist, a 'sex diary' of his that said that the energy of his early years was drained by physical fulfilment. which i found interesting. before his death forster wrote that “I should have been a more famous writer if I had written or rather published more, but sex prevented the latter.”

i just found this so interesting! that his enjoyment of sex and his enjoyment of living life to the fullest prevented him from writing more. i guess sometimes the living of your life gets in the way of what your supposed to be doing in life. makes one think. if i go out and live my life and enjoy new experiences, will i be too occupied to write? there's no way of knowing that until i find something that makes me not want to write anymore. i don't see that happening for me. usually if i find a new experience and i enjoy it, i want to write about it. i'm bursting to write about it. i just can't stop writing about it. and if i can't stop writin about it, i'm definatly enjoying it and loving it. so yeah, just makes one think. either way i found it interesting that for him sex had him not write as much as he thought he should have.

the whole article written about the biography of em forester can be found here.

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