Monday, October 25, 2010

liu xiaobo - day break

so i was reading some of liu xiaobo's poetry and i came across this poem and just wanted to share it. i love the last stanza. one of the best i've ever read.

for Xia

over the tall ashen wall, between
the sound of vegetables being chopped
daybreak’s bound, severed,
dissipated by a paralysis of spirit

what is the difference
between the light and the darkness
that seems to surface through my eyes’
apertures, from my seat of rust
I can’t tell if it’s the glint of chains
in the cell, or the god of nature
behind the wall
daily dissidence
makes the arrogant
sun stunned to no end

daybreak a vast emptiness
you in a far place
with nights of love stored away

6. 30. 1997

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Anonymous said...

Great poem - "with nights of love stored away" - that is outstanding. what a line.