Saturday, January 1, 2011

books into movies

so my way of bringing in the new year, i went to see the movie true grit by the coen brothers. which was an awesome movie! the acting was great. the directing was great. the landscapes in the movie were beautiful. i defiantly suggest everyone to go out and see this movie! and i knew there was a true grit that john wayne was in, but what i didn't know was that true grit is a book. and that got me thinking about how many movies that are originally books. and so i though i would list a bunch of them. and there are tons. but i just find it interesting that so many books have been made into movies.

- the hobbit by j.r.r. tolkien
- lord of the rings by j.r.r. tolkien
- memoirs of a geisha by arthur golden
- along came a spider by james paterson
- a room with a view by e.m. forester
- american psycho by bret easton ellis
- a clockwork orange by anthony burgess
- the notebook by nicolas sparks
- the accidental tourist by anne tyler
- hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by douglas adams
- the green mile by stephen king
- fight club by chuck palahniuk
- trainspotting by irvine welsh
- the virgin suicides by jeffery eugenides
- fear and loathing in las vegas by hunter s. thompson
- 2001 a space odyssey by author c clark
- breakfast at tiffany's by truman capote
- the prestige by christopher priest
- the children of men by p.d. james
- no country for old men by cormac mccarthy
- do androids dream of electric sheep by philip k dick
- the godfather by mario pazo

and there are so many more. this is just a small list of them. some of them i knew, some of them i had no idea.

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