Wednesday, January 12, 2011


here's another installment of quotes. hope they inspire.

- "no matter how fast light travels it finds that darkness has always gotten there first and is waiting for it." - terry pratchett
- "the difference between friendship and love is how much you can hurt each other." - ashleigh brilliant
- "the most intimate emotion two people can share is neither love nor desire, but pain." - the surgeon by tess gerritsen
- "change is the essence of life. be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become." - ?
- "people are always telling me that change is good. but all that means is that something you didn't want to happen has happened." - meg ryan
- "it is never too late to be what you might have been." - george elliot
- "the worst part of holding the memories is not the pain, it's the loneliness of it." - the giver by lois lowry
- "these streets are filled with memories. both perfect and in pain." - secondhand serenade
- "the friendship that can cease has never been real." - saint jerome
- "to be loved, to be loved, what more could you ask for. to be loved, to be loved, everyone wants to be." - the academy is...
- "your the reason why i burst and why i bloom" - motion city soundtrack
- "you don't know how much i'd give or how much i can take just to reach you." - melissa etheridge
- "what you really value is what you miss, not what you have." - jorge louis borges
- "i lay down on the cold ground and i pray that something picks me up and sets me down in your arms." - snow patrol
- "and that's when your song calls me from way up in a tree and i look up and the whole world is as it should be." - ani defranco

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Anonymous said...

We are secrets to each other
Each one's life a novel
No-one else has read.
Even joined in bonds of love,
We're linked to one another
By such slender threads. - Neil Peart