Friday, August 26, 2011

dragon con

so i thought i would share my excitement with everyone. for the last three years, i have been going to comic conventions. my first year was wizard world of chicago, the second one was c2e2 and this year i'm going to dragon con. i'm very excited for dragon con this year! it's next weekend and it's in atlanta, GA.

why am i posting this here? well, writers, stan lee, timothy zhan, and tracy hickman are all going to be there. i'm totally excited about getting their signatures and meeting them. for those who don't know: stan lee is the original creator for many different comics at marvel, timothy zhan wrote the three books that come after the 6th star wars movie and tracy hickman is one of the authors for the dragonlance series.

i'm also totally excited for i'll be cosplaying for the first time. i'm going to wear a steampunk out fit. i'm wearing a corset, some black leggins, bullet casing, and some black riding boots. plus steampunk jewelry. i'm totally excited about it all. i'll post pictures of my outfit when i come back.

so over all i'm totally stoked and can't wait! i'll put some pictures here and i'll definatlly have pictures up on my flickr. hurray for conventions!

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