Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i will eat you!

so this past weekend i went and saw where the wild things are. it was a wonderful movie! i was a little worried because the book is very short and has barely any words. thankfully the movie was great! it quotes the book and uses more imagery than words to tell the story. which i think follows the book wonderfully! the book was written by maurice sendak. the movie was written by spike jonze (he also directed it) and dave eggers. i think the they did a wonderful job adapting sendak's work into the movie. i think they made the right choice by having the imagery tell more of the story then actual words. sometimes in life words can't say how you fell and imagery is the only way; whether it's a smile or a bite on the arm or a pat on the butt.

so your wondering why i'm writing about this in my blog? well i'm writing about it because it's just a well written movie and i thought i would share with everyone why i thought so. even though i hate critics, and i'm pretty much being one in this post, i just had to share that this movie was well written!

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