Thursday, October 29, 2009

the wheel of time turns

so last night i got to go and meet brandon sanderson who is the writer now for the wheel of time series. the original writer, robert jordan, died before he could finish the series. but he left many notes and instructions (even full chapters written) on how the series should be finished. his wife harriot hired brandon to finish the series. the first book of three, that brandon will be writing to finish the series, came out this tuesday and it's called the gathering storm. i posted earlier this week that i stopped reading vonnegut so i could read this book. well last night brandon had a book signing in my area so i made sure i went. while we were waiting for him to come out, the people passed out three different bumper stickers, each having to do with the book. only a geek about the books would understand (i already put one on my car). Brandon seemed like a really down to earth guy. he read a the first page of the first chapter. then he did some q&a. he didn't give any spoilers out, but he did talk about his work on the book. after the q&a he started signing books. i didn't stay so i could get him to personlize it, i got a book he had pre-signed and went home. i have to get up way to early in the morning for me to stand in line all night long to get him just to write mollie. either way it was way cool to go there and hear about how another writer goes about doing his work. he's a fantasy writer who has writen for teens as well as adults. his teen series seemed interesting so i think i might go get it. over all, i'm really happy i went and i would love to go to another book signing. if for nothing else to hear about how other authors go about their work.

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