Tuesday, October 27, 2009

thought for food

so i've been reading a bunch lately. i've bought so many books that i will be getting money back form borders next month. hurray! i've been reading for the mind and for the soul. for the mind i've read south park and philosophy and i've read some of xmen and philosophy. both books are a collection of different essays on different themes that south park and the xmen have struggled with. both are really smart books! though i will say that i've only read the first 2 essays in the xmen one. you might not like south park or the xmen comics, but both struggle with big ideas. ideas like: what makes us individuals, what makes us human, are we logical arguers, religion, politics and many other ideas. i strongly suggest to go and read them. and if you don't want to read those particular books, there are many others like: the office and philosophy, family guy and philosophy, metallica and philosphy; just to name a few. many of the essays in the two books i have read have made me think and have made me decided what i believe.

for the soul i've read mother night by kurt vonnegut, the gathering storm by robert jordan and brandon sanderson and i've bought the book sharp objects by gillian flynn (but i haven't read it yet). vonnegut is a genius and i love reading his stuff. i've read two others of his: slaughterhouse five and cats cradle. both were great books and when i saw that this one was for sale i had to get it. i'm almost through with it, i have 28 more pages to go. but i stopped for i got the book the gathering storm. i have been waiting for the book for a couple years now. it just came out today and i just had to jump right into it. i feel bad leaving mother night but i know i will be able to jump right back in when i'm done with the gathering storm. the gathering storm is the 12th book in the wheel of time series. it is the first full flegded fantasy series i've ever read and i just couldn't wait for the newest book to come out. i will fly through the book and be very sad when i'm done with it. there are only two more books left and then the series will be done. i will be VERY sad when the series is done. the wheel of time is what got me to love fantasy and fantasy has had a huge impact on my life. i just love(!) fantasy.

so those are the books i've been reading. it's always good to keep the mind active in deep critical thinking and in just some good old story. both are good for the mind and soul. both are good for the writer. it's always interesting to see how a writer creates their own story, it helps me find my own voice when i write.

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