Friday, September 4, 2009

making ranting into reality

so i've actually sat down and thought about a manners book. not just me ranting and thinking i should do it. i've actually come up with some ideas of what could happen in the book. for sure i would need a scene on the train. most of my human contact with manners comes from me riding the train back and forth from my boyfriend jeremy's house to my house. i would have a couple scenes that depict different things that have happened to me before on the train. it's just a must! too much has happened to me on the trian that is just horribly rude. but to add another part that would need to be added to the book would be car music. i know when i'm in my car, i play my music loud. but i don't do it at the wee hours in the morning. and i don't have it so loud that even with my windows closed, my neighbors can hear it on the second floor. that's just crazy loud and uncalled for at 5am. again, manners people, manners! so yeah, i'm actually plotting out a manuscript for this manners book. we will see how it goes.

in other news. there is a poetry site that is looking for superhero poetry. well that's just up my ally! the poem is supposed to be about the idea of the superhero. so yeah, i'm totally going to write something to go for that. hopefully it will get picked and then published! that would just be amazing! for i'm totally in love with comics and poetry. it's like the best of both worlds.

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a.e. said...

Manners are a way of showing respect for our fellow humans.
Go Mollie!