Wednesday, September 16, 2009

will you be my superhero?

so i've started working on my superhero poetry. i was listening to different kinds of music yesterday at work and it got me inspired. i was listening to the spiderman soundtrack from the first movie. there's a song on there called hero by nickleback (i believe) and it got me thinking. i also listened to the song invincible by ok go. both of those song i wrote down some lyrics that got my mind thinking about the dilemma's of a superhero. so then i started jotting down some quick stanza's that were popping into my mind. today i'm going to try and put a more coherent poem together. the place i'm submitting my work to is taking up to 6 poems. so if some of the stanza's don't work together, i can try and use them in another poem. the poetry is supposed to be about the superhero condition (instead of the human condition). i quote from their website: "Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. Spiderman. Each of these characters is an American superhero, born out of such ideals and idiosyncrasies as magic, the supernatural, the marginalized, and the desire to rise above circumstance and not only ‘fit in,’ but become a role model of sorts. America has long been fascinated with the expression of super-individuality—as if we can all be larger than life. Our obsession with the “invincible self” manifests itself in the form of superheroes. This anthology is meant to illuminate—through poetry—the nuances of such a relationship with self and the “large” individual." so i'm totally excited about writing these poems. i think i have a good shot at getting published in this anthology. but one never knows and can just hope. so keep your fingers crossed!

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