Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no comic review

well graham cracker comics did not use my review for the dark avengers i wrote. i was a little sad when i saw that but there's nothing i can do. they used someone else's review for the comic. this person's review was way meaner then mine was. so whatever. reviews and i don't get along anyways. i don't like critics and that's what i am when i write a review. but now that they didn't post my review, i'm determined to write another one and have them post that one. i will have them post one of mine! once they do i will put the link here so you all can read it. i will have a review with graham cracker comics posted!

edit: so i talked to my boss and the reason my review didn't get published for graham crackers is because he didn't send it in. way to go jimmy (my boss).

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