Monday, September 21, 2009

on getting published

while i'm excited about the many different projects i'm working on i figured i should share the good with the bad. not everything i work on will be published. that is just a fact. sadly. and i figured if i'm going to do an accurate blog about a writers world i should share some of the downs as well as the ups. so here are some of my writing downs. usually i have about 4 different poems out in the world getting looked at to see if they will get published. and this morning i just got an email from beeswax magazine saying that they didn't accept my poem i sent them. which makes me a little sad. i thought it was a good poem. but the key to sending your stuff out into the writing world is that you must have tuff skin. and i do, it just makes me a little sad to see my stuff not get accepted. but i like the poem and think it is worthy to get published so i'm going to send it somewhere else.

i have a mini up for getting published. i sent a poem to golf coast literary journal and it had been a little bit since i had heard anything, so i sent an inquiry about it. they emailed me back saying that they are still looking at it and i will have an answer soon. so hopefully that means they will publish my poem. the poem i sent them is my favorite that i've written so far and i truly think it deserves to get published. and if i get published with this place, i get paid! woot woot for that.

getting published is hard so when i do get picked i jump for joy. i've been published twice, i've won a writing contest at the university of wisconsin-parkside that paid me a $200 bond and i used to write for uw-parkside's newspaper so i got published in that once a week. so that is always nice. now if only i could get published more. but hey this all just comes with the territory. it's a hard business out there. but if i can keep my skin tuff and stick it out, i just know i can make it.

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