Monday, July 19, 2010

steampunk at the renaissance faire

so this weekend i went to the renaissance faire in bristol, wi. it was tons of fun. i did some letterboxing, walked around, ate, spent lots of money and watched some really cool shows. while jeremy and i were there eating a guy and a girl walk by with really cool costumes on. i continued to stare at them and i realized that they had steampunk outfits on. so it didn't really fit the renaissance faire, for all the steampunk i've read and read about so far, fits in the victorian age which is the 19th-20th century. but it was still really cool to see. espically with me just getting into the reading the literature (which i've read 4 stories now and i'm totally into it. woot woot for steampunk as literature). so i thought i would share the outfits with you guys to show you a little bit of what the steampunk outfits can look like.

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