Thursday, July 1, 2010

happy birthday to me!

today this blog is one year old! woot woot! i can't believe i've been doing this for a year. it doesn't seem that long. it started out as a simple blog for a story i was writing. then i decided to change the direction and write about all things to do with writing. adding along the way things that are going on with my writing.  for today's post i think i'm going to highlight different posts i have done over the year. so here are some of my favorite posts from this past year. 

the very first post i ever did
tuna poem
celebrate banned books
the wheel of time turns
dr. horrible comic review
life is full of them
the first quoteables
world war z
the power of words
poetry coat
muse quoteables
poetry/art swap
a lighted carousel

wow, if you went back and read all of those, your amazing! thanks for sticking with me and i hope the next year is just as amazing as this past year has been. keep writing and keep reading. 

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