Thursday, May 13, 2010

a lighted carousel part 2

well i have finished the poem. i just love the photo and i love that it inspired me to write. stuff like that is just the best. i love when i'm inspired instead of making myself sit down and write. so i thought i would share the photo again and then share the poem. hope you like it.

safe in the dark
all i see are the lights
shining on me
i reach out to them
they swirl past me
round and round and round
i sit and wait
for the right time to move
to grab
to take hold of
the lights
they guide me
round and round and round
the lights shine bright
your hand reaches out of the dark
takes hold of me
pulls me
into the light
you hold me tight
round and round and round
sharing the secrets of the light


Anonymous said...

I love this poem.

mollie said...

thank you very much. it is one of my personal favorites.