Sunday, May 2, 2010

free comic book day

this saturday was free comic book day. which means at all participating comic stores in america, there are free comics (and usually other cool stuff) to get (as to the other cool stuff, i won a tshirt at my comic book store). so for comic book nerds its heaven. marvel, dc and some of the independent comic book publishers all give out free ones. well marvel did a spiderman comic. and in the comic they quote the poem the tiger by william blake. it's really cool how they add the poem into the comic. the only thing that dosen't go well is that while it quotes the poem the tiger spiderman is fighting a lion. if your going to have a poem called the tiger maybe he should be up against a tiger. but then again the poem doesn't mention a tiger, it's just called the tiger. either way i thought it was really cool that marvel put poetry into its comic. hurray for marvel! i knew there was a reason i read almost only marvel comics; almost that is.

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