Thursday, May 13, 2010

a lighted carousel

last month i had mentioned that i swapped poetry for art with a friend of mine at work. here's the story if you don't remember. well this week i had brought in my photography to show him. we had been talking alot about art so i didn't mind too much showing him what i had done. i'm no where near being a professional and i wanted to know what he would think about it, since he actually went to school for art. he said he liked them and i hope he was telling the truth. well we had got to talking and so we decided on a photo swap. i would give him one of my photo's and he would give me one of his. well he picked a photo i had taken just for the texture, it's a close up of tree bark. i really like the photo for the sun is hitting it just perfect. here's the photo.
not the best picture of it, but i think you get the idea. so the next day after he picked this photo, i brought it in all framed and matted and i think i surprised him. again he said he liked it and again i hope he was telling the truth. i don't think he would say he liked it if he didn't. well for the picture he was going to give to me, he gave me a stack of photo's he took and let me pick from them. well there were two that i really liked and he said that i could have them both. which i thought was really nice of him. here are the pictures i got from him.
  i'm totally in love with this picture and just keep loving it whenever i look at it is this one:
i just love(!) this photo. there's just something about it i can't get over. i love how you can only tell it's a carousel by the lights. i love the picture so much that it has inspired me to write a poem. when i have the finished poem i will share it on here. i just love this photo! i'm so thankful that he let me have it.  

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