Tuesday, April 13, 2010

poetry/art swap

so the other day a friend of mine at work asked to see some of my poetry and i baulked at him and told him i would show him if he brought in some of his art work (he went to the art institute in chicago for college). so yesterday he finally had his art and i had my poetry and we swapped. well we didn't keep each others work but we got to see it. he showed me a photo and an abstract painting. i really liked the abstract painting. it was really cool. it was in black and white and reminded me of water rippeling. i showed him this poem and another poem i had written. he said he liked them and hopefully he was telling the truth.

what gets me is that i was really embarressed to show him my poetry. i don't know why for i send my poetry out to get published all the time, why would i be embarressed to show a friend? well i think i know the answer. i think i was embarressed for i know him and see him everyday. where i don't know the poetry editors for the magazines. i don't ever have to face those people every day. and if i do face them, its because i'm getting published. and then i'm very ok with facing them. so thats why i baulked when he asked to see my work at first. and thats why i made a deal with him to show me his art. at least then i'm not the only one risking something i've made. so yeah, i just couldn't believe how embarressed i got over it. but in the end i still did it and i got to see him awesome art out of it.

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