Sunday, April 25, 2010

walking dead

so i finished the walking dead comic collection that i had bought. it collected the first 48 comics of the series. it is currently on #71 (or right around there, i'm too lazy to look it up right now). i really like the comic. i had bought it at c2e2 for only $30. which is the cheapest i've ever seen it. on amazon you could get it for $45 which is a cut from the normal retail of about $70. so yeah, i got a crazy good deal.

i really like the comic for it's just in black and white. so to me it forcuses more on the story then the art. which as a struggeling writer, i like to see. don't get me wrong, i love good art. i wouldn't be getting comics if i didn't like art. but, i like when the story drives the comic instead of the art. and this comic has a good story. it's about the zombie apocalypse; it follows a group of people that have servived it and are now trying to live in a world filled with zombies. to me the charactors are well written and actually evolve. i like that the story isn't just about killing zombies; which you tend to find in comics and movies that are about zombies.

i recommend this book to any comic book readers out there. well to any readers out there. it's really good. i enjoyed it and now i am impatient to get the next collection. and just incase your wondering, i don't only read zombie books. honestly world war z and the walking dead are the only ones i have ever read. but the two i have read have been really good ones.

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