Friday, April 30, 2010

love is a dog from hell

so i went to the book store yesterday. which can be really dangerous for me for i just love buying new books! trust me when i tell you i'm always reading. to the point that my side bar on this blog about what book i'm reading just can't keep up. by the time i think about changing it, i'm two books past the one that is on the blog.

so yeah, book store, so i went for i had a 40% off coupon that i wanted to use. i looked around and then went to the poetry section. it had all your normal poets, walt witman, william carolos williams and john milton. but then i saw charles bukowski. who i have heard of before and have read one of his books. but all i could remember of him is the title of the book i read and that i liked his poetry. so i found the book i had read before and bought it. i bought love is a dog from hell. i started reading it and fell in love with his work all over again. he is a great writer! he writes about the ever day things; drinking, sex, relationships, hookers. and they way he writes is just great. so i strongly suggest you go and read his stuff.

here's a poem he wrote.

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