Tuesday, April 20, 2010

c2e2 - for reals this time.

so c2e2 was amazing! i had a blast. it was a new convention this year for the chicagoland and so jeremy and i decided to go to it instead of wizard world. i'm really glad we decided to go to this one. i liked it much better! there were bigger named people there and it was in a bigger place and less crammed. i'm all for shoving as much as you can into one place, but i also hate having the feeling that there are people all around me and i can't escape.

so i got to meet some artists and some authors. i geeked out hardcore with all of them.

this is jeph jacques that creates questionable content. here he is doing a drawing for jeremy. he was the only one charging for a drawing but i didn't think it was that big of a deal. it was only $5 and he did the drawing on special paper that said chicago 2010. i mean he can't use the paper again except for wizard world, and that's only if he goes.

this is joe quesada, the editor-in-chief of marvel. i was really surprised there was like no line to get his signature. but i'm not complaining, it was really cool to get it. he was an artist before he became editor so he does have some skills. here he is signing a comic that jeremy bought for janell. jeremy had bought it without janell or i even knowing and then he pulled it out and surprised her with it. janell totally geeked out and was like well joe will be signing this then. hehe. it was really cool. and of course he's signing a captain america cover!

this is sam humphries, he's the writer for the fraggle rock comic. honestly i have never read the fraggle rock comic, but i'm a fan of the old show. and my friend lindsay is totally in love with the old show, so i thought she might like to have a signed poster from this guy. so i got it for her. it was still cool to meet the guy. he was really nice. and his shameless plug for his products was a for a free comic on free comic book day. so that was cool. i liked it also because c2e2 didn't just have the artists at the convention they also had the writers of the comics, for alot of the times that is two different people.

so one thing that happened that was a little wierd was that at one point we found peter david who is the writer for the dark tower comics. (ps, sorry this is center aligned, for some silly reason it won't let me change it back to left aligned) so i went to peter david and he had a stack of scripts for one of the comics, and then he had a stack of the comic for that script. well i just wanted to comic for the scripts were $15 and there was nothing cool about them. it was just a word document. i mean its cool cause it's a real script and all, but if your going to charge $15 make the script unique somehow. so i asked peter david if i could just buy the comic and have him sign that. i was willing to pay for something just not the a silly script that i could go type out at home. he said he only gave the comic when someone bought the script. and i just anwered oh, well never mind then. and he just looked at me and then said, ok here. and i was going to pay and he told me to keep my money and he just signed the comic and gave it to me. so i thought that was really nice of him. he could have been a totally dick about it and given me nothing and demanded the $15, but he didn't. he let me get it for free and i still got it signed. so i was really happy. i now have jae lee's signature and peter davids signature for the dark tower comics. i only need two more and i have then all. well three more if you count stephen king.

so all in all it was a good convention. i had tons of fun and i'm already counting the days until next year.

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