Sunday, May 9, 2010

rak visual poetry

sorry this is a little late, but i'm sharing it now. see jeremy was nice enough to buy for me a collection of art from this guy at c2e2. yes i know c2e2 was a month ago. the art that was from this guy was called visual poetry. art that inspires thought. which to me is all art. the artist is RAK. and i saw his stuff last year at wizard world and bought a card that was one of the visual poetry called drifting away. on that card there is a picture and a poem. i really like the picture and thought that the poem wasn't that bad. so when i went to c2e2 this year and saw the guy again and i got all excited. i bought one of his superfreak cards for my mom (it was lucy for my mom loves lucy). jeremy and janell bought stuff from the guy also. well as the day went on jeremy had some surprises for me and his sister. he bought janell some comics and surprised her with them (she got one signed by the editor and chief of marvel) and he surprised me with the everyman visual poetry collection book that RAK had.

some of the pictures in the collection are so amazing i fell in love with them right away. for me, some are a little too obvious with what they mean and stand for. but either way i thought it was really nice of jeremy to buy it for me. and i think it's really cool of this guy to do it. its definalty different art from his superfreaks. and the art definatly inspires poetry - in my mind at least. i espically like the one picture that actually has a poem right with it. it's not the best poetry i've ever seen, but it's not horrible poetry either. one thing that i'm not a big fan of with this collection, is that with every drawing he adds a little message with them. like with the picture 'the great depression' he adds in there if you are feeling sad do this this and this to feel better. it's nice that he is trying to help others but, i don't think that is needed. just have the art speak for it's self and the message will get out there. over all though i like the colleciton. so here are some pictures of the collection. sorry the quality of the photos are bad. my point-and-shoot camera is old and i need a new one. hope you like them.

this is the cover of the collection.
some pages in the collection. i really like the locked away picture (on the right).
the great depression (the picture on the left) is one i was talking about that is just a little obvious with its message. i don't think that the sad face is needed in the background. drifting away (on the right) is the original card i bought last year at wizard world and what got me interested in this guy.
the betrayal is one of my favorites of RAK's. i really love this drawing.

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