Thursday, May 20, 2010

the language of conservation

poets house has designed a program to make zoo goers more aware of the evironmental impact that people have on this world. with the help of the american library association the outcome of the project will be shared in libraries across the country. the program is in 5 different cities: new orleans, milwaukee, little rock, jacksonville, and chicago and features poets-in-residence that collaborate with wildlife biologists and exhibit designers to curate exhibitions in zoos that feature poems celebrating the natural world and the connection between species. 

i think is very exciting; for both the zoos and for the poets. i hope the installations will last all summer long at the zoos. thankfully i live where i can go to both milwaukee's and chicago's. i won't get to go to the opening day's, but i for sure will be going to see them. i love the zoo and i love poetry. there's no better combination. i have a mini update - the milwukee installation is a permanent addition to the zoo.

part of the installation in new orleans.

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