Tuesday, May 18, 2010

russia wants you... to read books.

so russia was alarmed at the tendency for people to read less these days so they have decided to create an ad campaign to have people read more. the moscow writers union have place 100 thematic billboards saying 'read books', 'discover new things', 'be guided by knowledge' and 'fill in the gaps!' on the city streets. young people are the target of the campaign for they are the ones more likely to read the internet but not a book. Alexander Gerasimov, a spokesman for the moscow writers union said, "Such indifference can lead to erosion of entire cultural layers, to depletion of knowledge about literature, to the loss of national self-identification." gerasimov and the writers union plan to make this a russian wide campaign and not just in moscow.

i find this funny but awesome at the same time. good for russia to create an add campaign to get people to read. whatever gets people to read more, do it!  i found an old communist poster to get people to read and i just had to share that. the poster is from the 1920's.

the poster says: Literacy is the road to communism.

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