Monday, May 10, 2010

dear america

since i was 10 years old, scholastic has had a book series out called dear america. they are historical fiction books about america, all written from a young girls perspective. the books blend history with fiction to tell the tale of different parts of america's history. for example there is a book about a girl that survived the titanic disaster. from that series scholastic has also launched my america, the royal diaries and my name is america. the royal diaries are about young girls in history all over the world that are part of different royal families. for example, mary queen of scots. my name is america is the same as dear america only from the perspective of young boys.  and honestly i haven't read any of the my america books so i couldn't tell you from what perspective they are from, but i'm sure they are good.

i personally love the dear america and the royal diaries books. they are amazing. i've been getting them since i was ten, and even now i continue to buy them. they are definalty not for my age anymore, but i don't really care. they are well written and very knowledgeable about that certain part of history. when i was a kid i read them in a couple of days. now i read them in one sitting. an easy read but certainly a good one. i strongly suggest them for all kids.

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