Wednesday, July 7, 2010


so i have always know about the genre streampunk in the literary world. i was first introduced to it when i took a cyberpunk class in school. and until recently i hadn't really given steampunk much thought. well i had been looking at some steampunk fashion and have totally fallen in love with it. (here is an etsy site that i have fallen in love with.) steampunk clothing, jewlery, all of it is just soooo cool! but having never read any steampunk literature, i didn't want to buy anything in the fashion part. i didn't want to be one of those people. you know the people i'm talking about. the people that dress and act like the genre, but really know nothing about the actual literature. so i have gone to my friendly local library and got the book steampunk edited by ann & jeff vandermeer. it's a collection of steampunk stories in one book. it is laid out for someone who knows nothing about steampunk and it's literature. so i'm totally excited about reading the stories and seeing if i like steampunk literature. and even if i don't like the stories, i feel i can still go out and wear the fashion. for at least i can say i didn't like the stories. but if i like the stories (and so far so good) i can say hey man this genre is awesome! so never be one of those people. go out and read the stuff you are trying to look/act like. so i will report back if i like steampunk literature or not.

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